Pro Website Bundle & Pro Logo Design

  • Website Design

    With T-Bones new website, they now have an online presence that matches the quality of their multiple storefronts. With a specials page that updates weekly, a fundraising order form & a community page dedicated to their Alzheimer charity work, T-Bones can proudly drive traffic to their new site.

  • Online Advertising

    With T-Bones, we did 2 advertising campaigns. The first was to create awareness for a specific product they offer (Freezer Packs) and the second was to bring customers to the Weekly Specials page that is always up to date with the latest offers. Both campaigns carry the same upscale motif as the website and the storefronts.

  • Pro Logo Design

    T-Bones is a recognized brand throughout the Okanagan, but their existing branding was slightly dated and didn’t convey the same modern and luxurious vibe that their stores have become known for. We were able to come up with a new mark that is elegant and upscale that still stayed true to the T-Bone icon that everyone can recognize.